Reviews  for the Top 7 Tattoo Stencil stuff vs. Anchored in 2023

How can Tattoo Stencil stuff be made to adhere better? After putting so much effort into making the stencil, you don’t want it to bleed, blur, or remove quickly. You need the best tattoo transfer gel to keep the stencil in place until the outline is complete.

What is tattoo transfer gel? Although you may have heard artists mention using Speed Stick deodorant, today’s stencil gels are far better. Even when you wipe off the ink, the best tattoo transfer solution maintains crisp, clear lines.

We consulted renowned tattoo artists like Daniel Paarup and Nikko Hurtado as we looked at stencil options. (Nikko offers his brand, which we have reviewed below.) We discovered the finest transfer gels and learned insider tricks for maximizing the effectiveness of the best tattoo transfer creams. View the highlights below, then continue reading to find out more:

In 2022, The Top Tattoo Stencil stuff Transfer Gel Or Stencil Stuff

1. Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution

Are you seeking the best tattoo stencil supplies? Here it is: the brand name of this tattoo transfer fluid is Stencil Stuff. It is a non-toxic lotion that is suitable for most skin types. It is also ideal for vegans.

This 2005 product is created in America. Professional tattoo artists were dissatisfied with stencils’ poor appearance and weakness in wiping. They made a thick lotion they termed “Stencil Stuff” to keep the stencil ink sharp and vibrant. You don’t need a bloodline or grey line with it. It dries rapidly and retains the outline’s fine features bright and distinct.

Furthermore, because it eliminates cross-contamination, using transfer gel in this manner is more hygienic than using a stick deodorant. Even if you used Stencil Stuff to transfer the stencil, remember that green soap will remove it. Only use lube and dry wipes to finish the outline.

The Stencil Stuff will stay in place for hours of tattooing if you let it dry long enough (artist Franco Vesco)

Tattoo Stencil stuff


  • a stencil cream developed in America that is non-toxic 
  • and suitable for most skin types
  • Formed in 2005 and favored by artists everywhere
  • Quickly dries,
  •  leaving a sharp and clear stencil
  • Vegan-friendly 


  • Wet wiping will cause the stencil to become distorted.

2. Electrum Tattoo Premium Transfer Stencil Primer Gel

Stencil Stuff is rivaled by electrum transfer gel. The parallels and differences are listed below. First, Stencil Stuff is a lotion, whereas Electrum is a gel. Both are effective for transferring carbon stencils, both printed and hand-drawn. Sharpie ink can also move with electrum.

Second, both are invented in the USA and are non-toxic and vegan. However, Electrum takes a little longer to dry than Stencil Stuff, and the gel occasionally causes a little ink bleed. The white lines are not as sharp. Nevertheless, less gel is required to do the task than lotion. Seriously, a dime-sized portion can completely cover an arm.

Even while Stencil Stuff holds up to green soap a little better than Electrum, it’s still a good idea to dry wipe with lubricant until the outline is complete. Tattoo artists wanted something more effective than deodorant for transferring stencils, so they developed both products.

In the end, we appreciate this gel since it has a pleasant scent, is simple to apply, and is non-greasy, and the bottle holds a lot of product.

According to experts, if you are having problems utilizing Electrum, you are probably using too much or not letting it dry for long enough. When done correctly, the stencil adheres so firmly that you might need to wipe it a little before seeing the line you just tattooed!

Tattoo Stencil stuff


  • Vegan, 
  • non-toxic and American-made transfer gel
  • Designed by expert tattoo artists
  • Excellent for maintaining the position of stencils when outlining
  • pleasantly fragrant with a light scent


  • you’ll achieve better outcomes if you use less than you believe you need

3. Spirit Classic Transfer Cream

The transfer cream from this company produces excellent results when used with Spirit transfer paper To match the ink on the freehand and thermal sheets.

Every Spirit cream produced in America is vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types. They also don’t have any aroma and don’t include parabens, gluten, or phthalates.

According to artists, this transfer cream holds extremely well without losing details for hours. Additionally, using green soap and water to remove tattoo ink won’t blur the stencil.

How does it function? The stencil ink is applied to the skin using organic solvents, and the pigment is then fixed in place by a lipid layer. Thanks to the secret formula, you can use wet wipes in place of just dry wipes. Even so, waiting until the stencil is totally dried before tattooing is crucial.

Tattoo Stencil stuff


  • obtainable in a variety of hues to coordinate with transfer paper ink
  • Green soap and water are used to wet wipe.
  • Made in the United States, vegan, 
  • Cruelty-free
  •  Paraben-free
  •  Fragrance-free
  •  and gluten-free


  • When utilizing Spirit transfer paper, the performance is at its peak

4. Stencil Prep Spray

Try this spray that works nicely with inkjet stencil paper instead of lotion, gel, or cream. It can be wet wiped when it dries because it won’t be damaged by green soap. Only five ingredients are used in the USA to make the unique composition. The components change the skin’s pH to seal in the methyl violet stencil ink. 

The stencil doesn’t blur or rub off because the ink subsequently paints the skin in a literal sense. (People have reportedly used this to cure temporary tattoos.) The bottle sprays powerfully, so be aware of overspray if there is a drawback.

Tattoo Stencil stuff


  • Works well with methyl violet ink, 
  • Suitable for traditional transfer paper and inkjet stencil paper.
  • Because it is resistant to green soap, it can be wet wiped.
  • The formula is made in America with just five ingredients


  • The spray comes out of the bottle firmly.

5. Essential Value Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution

Regarding this transfer gel, we’re not sure how we feel. It functions adequately and dries in 8 to 10 minutes—even a satisfaction guarantee.

What’s the problem? It uses DMDM hydantoin, a formaldehyde releaser, as a preservative. Human health is adversely affected by formaldehyde. As artists, we prefer to utilize non-toxic chemicals for our clients and their health.

Tattoo Stencil stuff


  • Within 8 to 10 minutes, dries
  • includes a guarantee of satisfaction


  • It contains a releaser for formaldehyde.

6. Anchored Stencil Solution

This stencil solution, developed in collaboration with artist Nikko Hurtado, performs as well as or better than comparable goods. Years of lab and studio testing led to its remarkable performance.

While you work, the ink is kept in place for hours thanks to the formula’s crisp, clean transfer. You may wet wipe it, too, of course. The only drawback is that this well-liked product frequently runs out of stock.


  • Created by a qualified tattoo artist in a lab and a studio
  • maintains hours of clean, crisp lines
  • able to be wet wiped


  • Sometimes difficult to locate, so stock up

7. S8 Red Stencil Transfer Gel

On Black and Brown skin, stencil lines can sometimes be difficult to discern, which is when conventional purple transfer paper fails to do its job. However, the S8 red transfer paper ink appears brilliant and clear. To achieve the finest results, purchase this red transfer gel.

It functions well as a transfer gel as well as a skin cleanser. It eliminates extra oil and exfoliates dead skin to perfectly prepare the surface. The botanical recipe is also free of propylene glycol and petroleum, giving it a natural solution for all skin types and sensitive skin.

The gel dispenses through a pump bottle, so exercise caution while applying pressure. You can get enough for a complete arm or half a leg by giving the top a strong push-down.


  • Ideal for applying stencils to skin that is dark in color
  • Compatible with the same kind of red stencil paper Vegan, 
  • botanical formula free of propylene glycol and petroleum
  • within a pump bottle.


  • only red and suitable for use with red transfer paper

How to use tattoo transfer gel to transfer a stencil

You probably made a rookie error if your stencil wipes off too readily and seems hazy. Always spend the time necessary to thoroughly clean the skin before applying it. How to get your customer ready for a fresh tattoo is as follows:

  • Shave the skin with a new razor while it is sudsy after washing it with green soap.
  • Dry shaving won’t produce a close shave and could result in skin cuts.
  • Apply alcohol to the skin after that. That cleans the region and gets rid of any leftover oil. The oil is what prevents the stencil ink from adhering to the skin.
  • The stencil solution should apply thinly.
  • Spread it out slightly more than what is required for the tattoo. Be patient as you gently massage the gel into the skin. It must be sufficiently dry to feel sticky.
  • You should be able to feel the skin’s stickiness from the transfer gel even while wearing gloves. It’s time to press the stencil into position right now. (Don’t forget to place it ink-side down!)
  • Push down on the stencil with a dry, clean paper towel for a few seconds. It’s a good clue that the gel is drying if your customer notices that their skin feels tight.
  • Peeling off the stencil requires at least ten minutes of waiting. Wait a little longer if the paper seems moist. It might take up to 20 minutes. After that, carefully take a corner and check to ensure everything is in order. The skin will likely adhere to the paper a little bit, and that’s also positive.
  • Dry clean the tattoo once you’ve begun lining it to prevent the stencil from rubbing off. If you apply a thin layer of lubricants, such as Hustle Butter or A&D ointment, it will be much simpler to remove excess ink without using any liquid, preventing the stencil from becoming smudged.

How to pick the finest gel for tattoo transfer

There are gels, creams, and sprays for tattoo transfer solutions. (Yes, some individuals continue to use stick deodorant.) We advise trying each variety if you’ve never had a tattoo to choose which you like.

Some wipe off more quickly than others, while others dry more slowly. Again, we advise you to try different things because there may be instances when you’ll want to get the stencil out of the way right away. Then again, there are instances when you require it to remain in place for a more extended time.

Additionally, remember that if you use green or red ink instead of purple, there are many color transfer solutions available.


Put the deodorant down and choose the appropriate tattoo transfer gel for your subsequent tattoo. No matter how long it takes, the appropriate stencil cream keeps lines bright and sharp so that the shape comes out perfectly. For fresh reviews of the top tattooing products, check back soon.

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