2023’s Top 5 Tattoo Lightboxes

You’re looking for new tattoo lightboxes for your drawing studio at home. A lightbox is an excellent addition to any studio, whether used for animation, gemstone painting, tattooing, or design tracing on the cloth. Any artist that uses tracing as a cornerstone of their craft needs a lightbox. 

The available solutions in the past frequently employed fluorescent bulbs protected by frosted glass covers. Nevertheless, technology is constantly evolving, and modern light boxes for tracing are typically relatively thin and around the width of a tablet. There are a few standard-size categories for light packages. A single brand sometimes offers three or four distinct size variations. The amount of illumination, or lux, that various manufacturers’ products provide varies.

Furthermore, as most light boxes on the market run on cords rather than batteries, cord quality and length should be considered when choosing a light box. Therefore, these suggestions should meet your demands whether you’re seeking the finest light boxes for artists or the best light boxes for photography.

Here are Some of the Top Tattoo Light Boxes that we Suggest.

HSK A2 Light Box Light Pad is the best light box, generally

What qualities of a product are superior to overall practical functionality and the ideal combination of features? When I’m working on a drawing in the studio, I adore it when I can find the perfect location for my creative flow. That is frequently my workstation. The floor, the couch, or even my bed might be that, though, at other times. 

The HSK TattooLight Boxes include all the features that most artists would desire in a light box for tracing, including a six-foot wire and an A2-size big screen. Because of its enormous screen size, this pad could serve as a workstation if you use it while sitting on the couch. It provides enough room for large print sizes or several different sets of the source material.

Two of the work area’s edges have rulers for added precision.

This light box has a sturdy frame that lines the workspace and is made of metal. The metal frame does get heated, according to some users, though. That is an issue with any light source or tablet. Still, if you’re sensitive to heat, it might be worthwhile to seek a lightbox without an aluminum frame, like the Artograph LightTracer 2 LED Light Box, which is our top selection for the best light box overall with an angle. 

Users have expressed concern that the warehouse is out of replacement cords for the HSK, so this is something to look for your desire. Finding a replacement power cord could be challenging if you need help finding it.

Tattoo Lightboxes


  • You can adjust this lightbox to the room
  •  Flexible six-foot wire.
  • Along the two edges of the artboard is a sizable, well-lit ruler.


  • Gets hot Metric only ruler

LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing is the best affordable Tattoo lightbox.

One of the most popular manufacturers on the market is LITENERGY, and this little light box combines many of its best features into a genuine value item. This tracing pad is suitable for the typical computer-sized paper due to its A4 size. It is best to copy a drawing, a tattoo, or work on little diamond art. Kids will adore this colorful option with neon green and bright pink frame options.

Regardless of size, LITENERGY has solid brand recognition. The brand is worth looking into for more expensive A3- and A2-size light boxes, even though it was the best inexpensive light box.

This brand makes Tattoo light boxes well, with sturdy screens and frames, high lux ratings on the larger ones, and dependable dimmers. However, customers occasionally report problems with the brand’s plugs. Users know larger models had a give in the middle of the screen and that the USB plug on the A4 size doesn’t come with a wiring adaptor.

Tattoo Lightboxes


  • Eye protection with LEDs that don’t flicker
  • USB wire connects to any USB device.
  • variable radiance
  • Four color possibilities for the colored frame


  • No USB Lux adapter could be more expensive.

The HUION LB3 Wireless Tracing Light Box is the best for painters.

Batteries power wings. That is the most excellent Tattoo lightbox for Tatoo artists, enabling you to move your tracing pad outside your home. This one will be there for you when you’re stenciling pine cones onto cloth in the forest, visiting the library archives, or just creating art on the couch because it has a 1.5 to 2-hour battery life.

China’s HUION is a well-known manufacturer of pen tablet displays. If you’re an artist seeking a battery-powered light box, the HUION LB3 Wireless Tracing Light Box is your best choice. It’s no surprise that this technological company’s model has several features that set them apart from the competition.

However, this HUION is more expensive because of the battery power—the price is less than typical A2-size lightboxes. You will therefore give up a size to save money. There is also a smaller A4 size, although it costs twice as much as alternatives that aren’t battery-powered. 

This product’s low lux is another problem. This one might have made a list as our best overall if it had the same lighting potential as others. However, as it stands, this pad continues to provide adequate illumination everywhere, making it a great candidate.

Tattoo Lightboxes


  • Battery life for wireless devices is 1.5 hours after an hour of charging
  • Any USB source can be helpful with the USB cord and adaptor.
  • seamless brightness adjustment


  • Low lux indicates that the screen is not very bright. 
  • Expensive

US Art Supply Lightmaster Giant is the best lightbox for quilting.

You may need more if you quilt full-time, transfer patterns onto enormous expanses of fabric, or simply work incredibly big. The best lightbox for quilting is unquestionably this one from U.S. Art Supply. This Tattoo lightbox is a studio item you need to budget for because it is the size of some workstations and weighs sixteen pounds. 

It provides considerable space for substantial quilting tasks, tracing artwork the size of posters, or tracing from numerous sources. You should be able to use this device all day thanks to its flicker-free LED technology and dimmable LED technology. It is a superb light source that can shine through most common art papers and materials.

However, it will need to be more brightly to see through heavy canvas or cardboard. Even though this model requires a substantial investment, a surface with this much space would be well worth it for an artist who traces or quilts regularly.

Tattoo Lightboxes


  • Massively scalable brightness
  • Long power cord Negatives


  • 16 pounds 
  • Costly

The Artograph LightTracer 2 LED Light Box is the best light box for seeing slides.

You could want a lightbox with a different profile than a typical light pad offers while looking for the finest lightbox for viewing slides. A Tattoo lightbox with the aesthetic of a proper art station is the Artograph LightTracer 2, and the box slopes from a four-inch depth at the top to a one-inch depth at the bottom. From below, the high-lux LEDs beam upon this slope.

 That leads to a specific aspect of this lightbox. Which, depending on your demands, may be excellent or negative. The device uses its slope to create a brightness gradient rather than a dimmer.

Slide your topic toward the bottom of the plane, where the surface is closest to the light, to receive more light where you need it on a specific section of your subject. That results in an irregularly illuminated character but also means that you always have access to a gradient of brightness without relying on electrical dimmer controls. 

People complain about faulty dimmer functionality after using pad-style light boxes for a long time (the electronics fail sometimes). Better longevity could be a result of the gradient feature. It might also work with some artists’ workflow. However, the lack of uniform brightness could be challenging in other circumstances.

This choice is a convenient slide viewer that lets you alter your slide’s illumination without bothering with digital settings because of its sloped surface and natural gradient without dimmers. The Artograph is the best slide reader available because of its built-in slope.


  • ergonomically angled
  • pencil stand
  • High lux gradient illumination


  • No dimmer Pricey

How did we select the Top Tattoo lightboxes?

  • Methodology

With so many light boxes available, we employed a limited set of criteria to determine which models were worthy of consideration. We examined twenty different models from ten other brands to select the best light boxes. Sizing was one factor that made this process more difficult. 

The majority of lightbox manufacturers offer a variety of sizes for their products. However, not all sizes and businesses provide the same value and functionality. When selecting these, we considered which size combined with which features to deliver the finest overall quality from a specific industry. Here is how we dissected it.

  • Size

. However, they frequently fit into a few broad categories roughly identical across all brands. One sheet of computer paper will fit in the smallest size, A4. On the other hand, A1 is massive and may occupy the majority of your desk’s surface. 

We did consider the size of each product together with its other aspects to establish its quality, even though these distinctions are most significant for choice (not everyone requires an A1). Most of the brands on this list come in various sizes. However, only some products are exceptional in some measures that the brand might provide.

  • Lux

The term “lumen,” which describes the amount of illumination that a source emits, is generally understood by most people. Lux is a less frequent term, though. Lux is a unit of measurement for the amount of light that falls on a surface, in this example, the image you are tracing. Lux is a crucial consideration in light box design because a high lux value indicates that a lot of light will shine on the image you’ll be working on.

  • Quality of the cord and battery: 

In the tablet era, we frequently anticipate our devices to follow us around the house. While sitting on the couch watching TV, we could desire to trace an image. We could want to paint diamonds around the dinner table. In tattoo light box design, battery power is still the exception rather than the rule. Because of this, we considered battery life and chord length to be critical indicators of quality in all of our recommendations for the best light boxes.

  • Material Quality: 

Regarding longevity, material quality is crucial, especially with the ultra-slim tablet-sized light boxes that rule the market.

What to think about when purchasing a Tattoo lightbox

There are several factors to consider when adding a lightbox to your studio. Before making a purchase, be sure to consider your unique demands. The lightbox that best serves your needs as an artist is the best.

  • Size

Size is the most crucial factor to consider when buying a light box. These typically come in four sizes that are loosely based on the dimensions of sheets of paper. The majority of typical computer paper should suit an A4 model. An A4 light box should be plenty for most users, especially since ultra-slim variants may slide beneath forms, textiles, and surfaces without bending them. 

Large size, however, matters to some users. The biggest lightbox on our list is as big as many desks’ top surfaces. If your lightbox is frequently used, spending money on a big pad to provide you with a proper workspace can be worthwhile.

  • Brightness

Work on thick vellum when creating? You may also trace it onto thin silk. Lux is a crucial component of a lightbox. The majority of pads provide dimmable LED surfaces with good lux. When drafting, think about the surface that your lightbox must shine through.

  • Portability

Will you be tracing parchment records in the dimly lighted cellar of a historic manor house? If so, a battery-operated one might be what you desire. It can be helpful to have a tool you can transport from room to room and into the garden, even if you aren’t taking your light box on trips. 

Remember that a USB cord allows your Tattoo lightbox to get power from a laptop or USB battery bank. Therefore, if you currently carry these devices, a less expensive alternative that runs on a USB wire rather than a battery might be as effective as a high-end battery-powered pad.

  • Customer feedback

Reviews are helpful tools in the purchasing process because they give you an idea of how well the product works and if it’s pricey or not. They also provide valuable information about the standard of customer service and the amount of support you can anticipate from the business.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that not all reviews are made equal. Some might be prejudiced, while others might just be ignorant. It’s crucial to consider all reviews with a grain of salt.


What is the purpose of a Tattoo lightbox?

All artists can benefit significantly from using light boxes as tracing tools. Photographers use them to preview slides, illustrators to transfer static scenes from one image to another, tattoo artists to trace designs, and textile artisans to create patterns. Another very well-liked activity that requires one is diamond painting

Describe lux.

The amount of light projected onto a surface over a specific distance is easy to measure in lux. One square meter of ten lumens cast produces ten lux. Ten lumens cast across 10 square meters, however, produces 1 lux. Lux calculates the amount of light that will fall on the image you are tracing in a lightbox.

What distinguishes a light box from a soft pad?

LEDs are the critical factor in the end. In earlier generations, light bulbs had to fit into the box itself. These lights would shine through a glass surface that was often frosted. A light box can now be thinner than an inch, thanks to LED technology. The terms “light boxes” and “light pads” are helpful interchangeably to describe ultra-thin choices.

Is the premium Art or Tattoo lightbox necessary for me? Or should I choose the less expensive option?

It might be challenging to determine how much money to spend on light boxes because of their wide price range. A light box under $30 may genuinely serve you better than one that costs hundreds. However, the less expensive solutions may prove wholly ineffective for specific users.
The scale of the project you are working on and the level of portability you require should be your top priorities. Spending should be based on the characteristics you need. Beyond that, always seek out excellence.

What can I do with the light table?

A light table is a remarkably adaptable piece of equipment with many uses. It is advantageous when working with intricate designs or gaining precision in your artwork because tracing pictures or drawings are the most obvious usage.
A light table can also be used for calligraphy, tattooing, and stenciling, in addition to sketching and tracing. Thanks to the uniformly spread light, you can quickly view your work area, enabling drawing precise, crisp lines.

What advantages come from drawing on a light table?

In particular, when tracing images or tattoos makes the paper easier to view.
It offers a steady light source, minimizing eye strain.
It is simpler to spot errors and fix them.
You can include information that you might otherwise overlook.
Your drawings will have a polished appearance and feel.
It can aid in perspective and make it easier to view the empty area. Consequently, there is more room for experimentation with various mediums and methods.

Conclusions regarding lightboxes

A light box purchase ought to be exciting. An effective lightbox is a valuable addition to your studio. The HUION LB3 is an excellent option if you prioritize mobility. The US Art Supply Lightmaster Giant is a significant addition to a studio that will provide you with the necessary tracing space.

 Suppose a cutting-edge animation studio has recently hired you. The HSK A2 does everything well for the ordinary devoted user at a fair price, while LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing offers excellent value for those watching their wallets.

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