10 Top Tattoo Design Apps to Help You Pick the Perfect Tattoo.

This article focuses on the Best Tattoo Design Apps For Deciding On The Perfect Tattoo.

Our team downloaded about 30 apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store before selecting 15 top tattoo design apps for our readers.

Let’s get going.

Although getting inked is the trendiest thing, it is not for the timid. Since tattoos are permanent markings on the body, tattoo design applications assist millions of people with finding the best tattoo artist, setting up a time in their schedule, selecting the ideal design, and anticipating how it will look before the process is complex. That choice has, however, been made more straightforward for you by technology.

With the advent of digital tattoo design tools, the workload for tattoo artists and potential customers has been slashed.

You can view the design you require and how it will appear on your body depending on the tattoo design software you choose. The following material helps you through the process, even though so many designs and categories need to be clarified. Here are a few top iPhones and Android tattoo design apps that will be useful to you and your tattoo artist.

Are you prepared to be inked now?

Top Tattoo Design Apps: Our Favorites

1. Inkhunter

INKHUNTER Thanks to its capacity to augment reality, INKHUNTER is the most fantastic tattoo design tool available for mobile users. You may create and visualize your tattoo before getting it inked.

INKHUNTER is one of the top tattoo artists’ drawing apps for Android and iOS smartphones, with over a million downloads.

Tattoo Design Apps


  • You may quickly access a massive selection of tattoo designs on your mobile device, which is free.
  • Before visiting the tattoo parlor, you can virtually create your tattoo on any part of your body to see how it will look.
  • This app gives you a precise representation of the tattoo’s appearance, complete with all its colors and dimensions.
  • The more perspectives you can view the tattoo design from, the more likely it is that it is right for you.
  • Very simple to use, allowing you to design the ideal tattoo on your body without any regrets.
  • The option to edit your photo with the desired tattoo for free allows you to ask your friends’ advice before getting the procedure done.

The INKHUNTER tattoo design app is enjoyable, simple, and cost-free. It is the ideal tattoo program for projecting real-time design, preventing you from making tattoo mistakes that are impossible to correct. This tattoo design tool is incredible and worth having for a tattoo artist or you, despite the intrusive pop-up adverts.

2. Tattoodo

Tattoodo is more than just an app for designing tattoos; it’s a community of aspiring and established tattoo artists from the area, their designs, and the newest trend in tattooing—how-to videos.

They have many tattoos that will help you understand why you enjoy getting ink and why you should get a tattoo. With more than 5 million downloads and over 600,000 tattoo design options, it’s no surprise that Tattoodo received the award for best tattoo design app in 2022. Not only does Tattoodo help those who want to have tattoos, but it also allows them to choose a tattoo shop nearby by showcasing the abilities of over 25,000 tattoo parlors.

Tattoo Design Apps


  • the largest tattoo database currently in use, with access to tattoo artists who can create your customized tattoo exactly how you want it.
  • With more than a million different tattoo styles, designs, themes, colors, and body placements, you can make an inspiration board for your next tattoo.
  • Discover the newest tattoo designs, trends, and videos, and save your favorite ones when ready to get inked.
  • accessible on iOS and Android devices

The ability to locate a professional tattoo artist for you at your location’s drop

Overall, Tattoodo is the best available; the software is delightful and simple. Although most apps are accessed for free, a small donation will remove adverts and provide unrestricted access to many tattoo ideas.

3. Tattoo Design HD 

This tattoo design software is relatively new, but it has already established itself as a leader in providing distinctive tattoo patterns with a selection of tattoos that includes anything from tiny to large tattoos, gender-specific to romantic or spiritual designs.

Anything you can imagine is available in a tattoo design. In May 2019, the HD tattoo design app was made public. Although there are few downloads, it claims over 1000 collections of incredible and motivational tattoo designs. The fact that it is free is the finest.

The tattoo design HD app has some of the features listed below that helped it land on our list of the Best Tattoo Design Apps for download.

Tattoo Design Apps


  •  A straightforward and user-friendly tattoo design app that allows you to post designs to your social media pages.
  • The high resolution of each tattoo image on HD design allows you to zoom in and study the tattoo design in greater detail.
  • suitable with Android gadgets
  • The app updates its inventory weekly with the newest tattoo styles worldwide.
  • Before getting inked, select and download your preferred tattoo design for your tattoo artist (a sure way of eliminating mistakes)
  • When a new tattoo design is added to the library, subscribers to the app receive immediate notification.

  Overall, Tattoo Design HD is a tattoo design program you must have if you want to pick the best tattoo and enjoy the process. Although the app has advertisements, it is still a fantastic tattoo app.

4. Tattoo styles

That is for you if simple tattoo designs are not your style. The tattoo design software Tattoo allows you to create the magical creatures of your choice with striking and modern techniques. Whether you want a phoenix, an angel, a tribal emblem, or an extinct animal, tattoo design has got you covered.

This tattoo design program organizes the patterns into various categories to make it easier to browse the more than 1000 designs, whether for the neck, chest, arms, or legs. The most recent tattoo trends are added to the app each month. The Tattoo Designs app has some of the characteristics listed below that helped it land on our list of the Best Tattoo Design Apps for download.


  • Get classic and distinctive tattoo designs that impress your friends in a flash.
  • compatible with cell phones running Android and iOS
  • Take a cue from the countless themes that include fantastical, mystical beings on your body, such as angels, the devil, mermaids, etc.
  • A selection of both male and female tattoo designs.
  •  a little app that won’t take up much room on your phone’s storage
  • Overall, the tattoo design app is a mobile tattoo studio that you can use on the go and fills with stunning tattoo ideas that you won’t regret getting. Share this with your unsure friend and have them both tattooed.

5. Chao Zhang’s Body Art Maker: Tattoo Designer

Only iOS devices support iOS 9.0, the iPhone, iPad, or iPod to use this partially free tattoo creation app. If small tattoo designs aren’t your style, this body art creation app, which supports over 30 languages, is likely to suit your taste. You may purchase tattoos and other features for less than $1 through the app’s in-app purchases.

The Tattoo Designer Body Art Maker by Chao Zhang app has some of the features listed below that helped it land on our list of the Best Tattoo Design Apps to Download.

Tattoo Design Apps


  • It can locate the precise location of a tattoo on your body and view how it appears. Simply snap a picture of the area of the body where the tattoo will place, and then add the desired design to it.
  • the ability to enlarge, rotate and add text to the tattoo of your choice
  • There are several tattoo designs and typeface styles available.
  • A comprehensive collection of tattoos by various tattoo artists allows you to find inspiration to come up with your original combination.
  • Overall, using a tattoo designer art maker to design massive tattoos on your body before getting inked is fun and easy. The app is entertaining and straightforward but incompatible with Android devices.

6. Tattoo Fonts: Create your tattoo text

Well, when it comes to complex patterns and body art, we can all be the same. A single phrase is sufficient if you desire a tattoo but are okay with the broad designs available.

Another Apple-based program called Tattoo Fonts enables you to create a message or word using the appropriate font for your body.

You may choose a typeface, write a message, and examine it from various angles to see how it would appear on your skins using the app. The Tattoo Fonts – Design your text Tattoo app has the features listed below, which helped it land on our list of the Best Tattoo Design Apps to download.

Tattoo Design Apps


  •  It has a straightforward, intuitive UI that makes it enjoyable and simple.
  • Before getting inked, inspect, alter, and save the design.
  • It contains 150 premium font styles, costs $1.99, and is not free. with specific sizing
  • supports English and Russian as its two languages
  • Sleek font designs take less time to render, making them easier to export.
  • Choose the ideal tattoo font for your upcoming design to save time and effort.
  • ability to create your typeface and preview it right on the app
  • Despite its limited font selection and advertisements, Tattoo Fonts is a fantastic tattoo design tool. Thanks to the user interface and the option to create your own font, it’s a fun and essential tattoo design program.

7. Skin Motion by SoundWaves Tattoo

It is the trendiest tattoo design app and a benefit of contemporary tattoo design. Your favorite sound wave clip can be tattooed anywhere on your body with the Skin Motion tattoo app, and the app gives the tattoo a voice by playing it as it scans over the artwork.

You need to pay an activation charge of $39.99 as an initial registration fee and $9.99 for a year’s subscription with all this technology and magic. The creators of this program wanted to provide you the ability to carry a piece of your loved one or a memorable moment with you everywhere you went, even though some people find this to be strangely great.

Tattoo Design Apps


  • Compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS
  • Customization of your soundwave tattoo’s design, including its color, forms, meaning, and style
  • Get the music note for up to 30 seconds.
  • Overall, the tattoo design app is authentic, and even if the music only plays when it scans the photographs, the emotions and thoughts that went into the creation make up for it.

8. The tattoo design app InkSquad

For those who are interested in obtaining tattoos but are afraid of the agony of getting them, including tattoo artists and enthusiasts, InkSquad is a tattoo design app. Apple is a highly frequently downloaded software. The InkSquad app helps you identify a tattoo artist who will make your designs come to life and a growing community of tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

So when you have your drawings ready, just ask about them, and you’ll point in the direction of a top-notch studio nearby. The app connects you with tattoo artists so you can schedule an appointment or perfect the tattoo design you’ve chosen before having it done.

Tattoo Design Apps


  • Find a tattoo artist who matches your preferences, requirements, style, and area.
  • a huge tattoo database with options for numerous body areas
  • Choose and preview a design to see how a tattoo will look on you.
  • Anyone may use the simple and easy UI.
  • only supports English and Italian as available languages
  • The software boosts the tattoo artist’s visibility and fan base while allowing them to display their artistic abilities.

Overall, InkSquad is comparable to Tattoodo, but they still have a lot of ground to make up before making their tattoo design software available to Android users. Download the app for free to find inspiration from the abundance of pictures and designs available.

9. Men’s Tattoo Design App

The Krishna S. Patel tattoo design app for guys, released in 2017 and has received over 500,000 downloads, allows you to design stunning tattoos on any part of your body and view them before deciding whether or not to have them inked.

With a real-time view from any aspect, you can choose the tattoo you want, alter it, and apply it anywhere on your body using this virtual tattoo creation app.

Tattoo Design App


  • You can choose from an extensive tattoo library that includes animals, skulls, mystical beings, tattoo fonts, and even 3D designs.
  • Celtic, Polynesian, Native American and Borneo tribal tattoo designs are available for the arm, chest, thighs, shoulders, and neck.
  • Drag and drop functionality is simple, and easy to preview a chosen tattoo on your body. You can also use this option to find a tattoo artist nearby to get your tattoo done.

Anyone who loves tattoos can use the tattoo design app for males. They stand out from other tattoo design apps on the market thanks to their user-friendly interface and tattoo gothic influence.

10. A tattoo artist

If you’re creative enough to design your tattoo, use the tattoo maker software to make it flawless. Since its 2017 launch, this tattoo design software has received more than 5 million downloads on Android (Google Play Store). A fantastic tattoo design app is Tattoo Maker or Tattoo Lightboxes, which enables you to create, modify, add text, change the size, and upload the final product to any part of your body to see how it will appear once you have tattooed.

Although this tattoo design app is excellent, users must spend approximately $3.99 to access the premium features.


  • In addition to letting you create your tattoo design, the software enables you to change pre-made tattoo designs from its gallery by adding your style and stamp to make it distinctive.
  • Draw, color, edit, and tweak as you choose. Becoming a tattoo artist online
  • Browse through hundreds of tattoo ideas from across the globe to find inspiration for your design.
  • Learn how to alter tattoos professionally or make your original artwork, including font styles.

Overall, the Tattoo Maker tattoo app lets you control the needle, paint, and body while enjoying a pain-free tattooing experience online. Invite your buddies to get tattoos, then tattoo yourself.

Is there a tattoo design program I can use?

Other tattoo design apps are freely accessible on the App Store and Google Play store, not just one. These apps make it simple to create all different kinds of tattoos. The greatest names to mention are INKHUNTER, Tattoodo, Tattoo Designs, etc.

What software do tattoo artists use to create their artwork?

One of the most widely used apps for drawing tattoo designs is Procreate. No program even comes close to replicating in terms of a wide range of features and usability. The software contains practically everything needed to sketch any design, making it more than just effective for creative pros.

How do I create a custom tattoo?

You can experiment with various rough ideas until you find the ideal tattoo. Better contact with your artist is crucial to get the design of your choice. To design your tattoo exactly how you want, you can also try using professional tattoo-making software such as procreate, InkSquad, SoubdWaves Tattoo, etc

What tools do tattoo artists use to create designs?

Two of the most crucial and significant pieces of equipment used by qualified tattoo artists are tracing paper and deep pens. Another tool that aids in assuring the overall correctness of tattoos following customer needs is the tattoo stencil. Of all, a tattoo artist’s talents are what ultimately determine the final result.

What dislikes tattoo artists?

When customers doubt the sacred process of getting a tattoo, tattoo artists don’t enjoy it. Another typical technique to irritate a tattoo artist is to schedule something shortly after the appointment, arrive drunk, or head directly to the beach.

What application does Ink Master use?

One of the most often used programs on Ink master is Procreate. Of course, the designer’s talents significantly impact the outcome.

Can a tattoo be designed online?

You should try designing your tattoo online if you enjoy meticulous planning and looking through numerous possibilities before visiting your tattoo artist. There are also plenty of websites and apps where you can quickly locate many tattoo designs, typefaces, and sketches

What iPad drawing app do tattoo artists use?

One of the most well-liked and prominent creative design programs is Procreate, and both aspiring artists and industry experts adore it.

How does Procreate work for tattoo artists?

Using the procreate application is relatively straightforward. You may quickly explore the numerous tools and options available to you and use them to create a wide variety of tattoo designs. Skilled tattoo artists indeed have excellent design abilities as well

What is the price of Procreate?

Procreate for iPad in the US Apple App Store is $9.99. Visit the procreate App Store to review more details if you’re interested.

Procreate is it free?

Actually, it is offered with a charge. The Software Store does not allow you to download the app for free; you must first pay $9.99 before doing so.

How do you make tattoos in Procreate look realistic?

The secret to making tattoos look realistic in procreating is to combine readily available designs, tools, sketches, canvases, and paints with your creativity and imagination. Yes, the application has some of the most incredible options for drawing tattoos, but it matters when you have fantastic creativity.


Thus, we have completed our series of tattoo design apps, which we hope have inspired you to get your first tattoo or to enlarge an existing one. In each scenario, you have control over the pattern and outcomes.

If there is a tattoo design app that we should have included, do let us know. However, the applications listed here are among the best, offering an extensive gallery and a user-friendly interface, and are typically free.

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