Top 10 Darkest Black Ink Review

When it comes to tattoos, the only thing that will be with you forever is the ink. Thus, choosing high-quality, vivid, skin-friendly ink, especially the darkest black ink, would be best. It would be challenging to select the best ink for your upcoming piece of artwork if you are not a trained tattoo artist. You have a harder time choosing because numerous tattoo inks, including the darkest black ink, are available from various companies.

One of the most critical tattooing supplies is black ink, utilized since ancient times. Speaking of which, most of the color used in back tattoos comes from printer toner and automotive paint, as well as soot, bone, back, and rusty metal in a select handful.

You can use the ink on sensitive regions because it has rich colors suspended in a non-toxic carrier liquid, making it more skin-friendly. To avoid infections, almost all reputable tattoo ink manufacturers sanitize their products. After thorough research lasting 72 hours, we have whittled down the hundreds of options on Amazon to the top 10 best black tattoo inks from reputable brands for your convenience.

However, it is essential to understand what creates the most fantastic tattoo ink before learning about the finest black tattoo ink.

Review of the 10 most popular Darkest Black Ink for 2020

1. Allegory Premium Lining & Shading Tattoo Ink Black

This tattoo ink is 100% organic, professional-grade, and made specifically for precise line and shading. The color is vivid and shiny, and your tattoo will glow when you are in the backlight. It is among the best-rated ink on a different shopping websites.

This ink is among the most favored by experts worldwide due to its silky smooth texture and consistent balance of liquid-dispersed pigment. Made in the USA, this Allegory Premium Lining & Shading Tattoo Ink Blak is entirely vegan.

Containing 8oz PET clear Squat Boston round bottle heat-sealed with tamper-resistant twist-dispensing lids will be delivered to you. Each bottle includes a glass marble agitator to guarantee uniformity.  Mostly, 4.9 stars have been given to Allegory Premium Lining & Shading Tattoo Ink on Amazon by more than 74 international customers.


  • It is a glass marble agitator for sterilized ink.
  • Packaging in a heat-sealed bottle.
  • Shiny and bright in color
  • more ominous than lively


  • 1% of clients say that the ink spills.

2. Intenze Professional Darkest Black Ink

Because of the vivid and bright colors of the ink, Intenze is the most popular tattoo brand among millions of tattoo artists worldwide. Not just this one, all Intenze inks are skin-friendly and secure for usage on delicate body regions.

One tattoo artist can understand the needs of another. Hence this ink was created with the Zuper Black pigment formula, developed by internationally renowned tattoo artist Mario Barth. Moni Marino, Randy Engelhard, Steve Butcher, London Reese, Mike Demasi, and many other well-known tattoo artists use Intenze ink. 

Meet all health requirements, are completely skin-friendly, and are safe to use on any body region. This ink has undergone confirmed lab sterilization. Intenze also eliminates the known harmful elements in practically all tattoo ink to make it more skin-friendly.

Hundreds of tattoo artists worldwide have given this Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink 4.9 stars on Amazon.


  • No animal testing, vegan-friendly
  • Heals extremely dark patches of the skin.
  •  Sterilized in an approved lab
  • created to prevent drying
  • in a bottle with a tamper-proof seal


  • Few people express dissatisfaction with the water-like quality of the ink.

3. Stigma Black Ink for Durability

You won’t find a single negative review of this ink on Stigma’s website. In addition, all of Stigma’s ink has excellent reviews on other buying portals. Regarding this one, 20 people have reviewed it on Amazon, and 16 have given it a rating of five stars.

The ink’s color stability is exceptional; it is pure, long-lasting, and 100% skin-friendly. Its formula mainly contains a high concentration of pigment, giving your tattoo superb texture and a durable appearance of brightness and shine.

Numerous tattoo artists from all over the world have tested our Stigma Black Color Scale Tattoo Ink. We have also spoken with a few tattoo artists, who agree that this is one of the most straightforward and practical inks to use.

This ink carries a CE certification.

You have a choice of 4 shades of black, allowing you to modify the color density and brightness quickly. Black has not restricted a deep shade of color; it is also helpful for lining and shading.

All the pigments in this ink have been gamma-irradiated and disinfected for safety, making it wholly skin-friendly and suitable for application on all body parts. The ink produced after a year of research is not simply another ink.


  • available in four different colors of black
  • After the repair, there was no fading, which is good.
  • The skin readily absorbs color, and the color doesn’t layer or fade.
  • Very quickly change color
  • manufactured using only natural botanical components.
  • Gamma rays create to disinfect and irradiate the object.


  • Not any complaint 

4. Lining & Shading Black – Nocturnal  Darkest Black Ink

Franco Vescovi and Jack Rudy, two well-known tattoo artists, specifically made this nocturnal tattoo ink for lining and shading. It is some of the most excellent black tattoo ink currently available.

It is the best and safest tattooing on the complete body because it is made entirely of organic materials, including organic pigment, ethyl alcohol, and sterilized water. It also doesn’t contain any harsh chemical solvents. It is available in many sizes, including 1 ounce, 2 ounces, 4 ounces, and 8 ounces, so you can buy it to suit your needs.

Many tattoo artists choose this nocturnal ink because of its vibrant color combination, realistic results, and lightweight texture, which feels lovely on the skin. On Facebook, we have seen the tattoo produced with this ink.


  • available in several sizes
  • has no harsh chemical solvents in it
  • It contains only the best natural components
  • Best for shading and lining


  • Few customers are complaining about damaged bottles.

6. Dynamic Darkest Black Ink 

For more than ten years, tattoo artists have trusted Dynamic black ink. Dynamic offers premium tattoo ink in various colors, including Black, and delivers the best results.

Black Dynamite is one of the various products from Viking-inks’ stables, including other solid fillers and ultra-fine pigments for realistic tattoos.

The black dynamite has a light texture, is excellent for various uses, and quickly penetrates human flesh. One customer reported that the ink performed flawlessly and that there were no blockages, blowouts, splatters, or drips when using the machines. The black color was still visible after a long time since application.

This Dynamic Black Ink is pre-dispersed, making it immediately usable after delivery and lasting a very long time on your skin. It comprises all of the consistently reliable high-quality organic pigments. More than 500 Amazon customers have given it 4.5 stars and favorable reviews.


  • sterilized item
  • excellent color
  • Pre-dispersed
  • superior tattoo ink
  • Useful for tribal work, line, and shading
  • It contains only the best natural components
  • used to combine and produce washes as well
  • 100% genuine and vibrant


  • Few people claim that packages were delivered using fake ink.

7. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Double Sumi Tribal  Darkest Black Ink

The perfect blackest pigment in the tattoo industry is Kuro Sumi tattoo ink, which has the highest pigment concentration of any other black ink on the market and the most incredible flow rate. Your painting will stand out and be durable thanks to the ideal vivid ink.

It’s an utterly organic ink made in Japan that is entirely composed of natural ingredients and doesn’t include any arduous chemicals. When it comes to tattoo ink, Kuro Sumi is one of the most dependable brands because they are committed to providing top-notch ink.

The company further claims in a patent that its inks are manufactured from the finest materials on Earth and provide remarkable results that will wow you. Many professionals opted for Kuro Sumi tattoo ink after Intenze due to its superior ink consistency, vibrant, aggressive colors, and black & grey dream. Throughout the world, professionals rely on it.


  • natural tattoo colors
  • tattoo-friendly vegan
  • vivid tattoo ink
  • Obtaining five stars from the most excellent musicians on the planet.
  • high-grade ink
  • has no harsh chemical solvents in it
  • sterilized in a licensed laboratory


  • Many people sell imitation Kuro Sumi ink on various shopping platforms; get the real thing.

8. Tattoo Ink Black Dynamite Viking Ink USA

This Viking Tattoo Black Ink is exceptionally thin, adaptable, and easily absorbed. It will not fade quickly or turn green or blue over time, and it will always appear sparkling and bright, just like any other imitation tattoo ink.

With ultra-fine pigments and ink designed specifically for artists, Viking is among the top tattoo ink suppliers. All of their products are in the USA. All Viking ink, including this black tattoo ink, is manufactured from high-quality, safe components and feels lovely on the skin.

Numerous tattoo artists advise utilizing Viking ink because of its brilliance. This black ink is helpful in the precise standards necessary by the competent professional team. You will notice the difference in a few days; it makes a significant impact because it is brilliant and long-lasting. It is simple to apply to the skin.


  • Bright, long-lasting colors
  • Simple to use
  • made with high-quality and secure ingredients.
  • Excellent skin feel Lightweight, adaptable, and readily absorbed
  • The cleanest and most attractive tattoo ink
  • Anywhere useable, secure


  • Not a Con

9. StarBrite Tattoo Tribal  Darkest Black Ink 

This StarBrite tattoo ink, manufactured with top-notch components and flows easily, will provide excellent results. You’ll always get consistent quality and color each time you use it.

It is safely sterilized and irradiated; this kills any bacteria that may otherwise be present in ink that hasn’t been sterile, making it safe to use on any part of the body.


  • Best tattoo ink for color and brightness Professional-grade pigment
  • For safety, it is sterilized.
  • Offers consistently accurate outcomes with a fluid fluidity
  • original vigor
  • High caliber
  • made with organic materials
  • Use is risk-free for all skin types.
  • Last a very long time.
  • Always appear polished


  • A few clients mentioned that the delivered bottle leaked everywhere.

10. Hawkin is Best Darkest Tattoo Ink to use 

In the tattoo ink market, the Hawking brand is relatively young. However, their product claims to produce expertly pigmented colors that have been rendered sterile by gamma rays. The pigments’ construction elements make it possible for the stain to remain stable for easy skin absorption and guarantee that it won’t fade over time.

The water solubility enables rapid color development, minimal consumption, and a long lifetime. Because it mixes easily with other washes, it is helpful for line and shading.

Users have reported instances of faulty packaging, where bottles were delivered without mixing balls and with broken lids, despite this product’s positive features and evaluations. It is also fantastic for new users.


  • Lots of Ink
  • Highly soluble Sterile


  • In some circumstances, improper packaging

Buying Guide

One of the purest forms of art is tattoos. As a result, it is crucial to thoroughly consider all aspects of a good tattoo before beginning to achieve the right emotion and the ideal image. These elements include the tattoo artist’s inventiveness, the effectiveness of the tool utilized, and the tattoo ink.

This article looks at the key indicators to watch out for before applying any tattoo ink. People used whatever method worked in the past to create tattoos. Anything that adheres to the skin mainly works. But science and research have shown us numerous ways to carry out such tasks more effectively and securely. Therefore, you must ensure that the ink you use will fulfill your artistic needs and be safe for your health and the clients.

Most high-end tattoo ink manufacturers continue to emphasize the use of vegan-friendly chemicals, sterile processes, and organic pigments. The costs of respective products also fall roughly within the same range. As a result, choosing the best black tattoo ink on the market may appear tough because nothing seems to distinguish one brand from the others.

Utilize the following criteria to determine which ink is ideal for you:


It’s not at all rocket science! Before purchasing the best black ink, you should know what the ink is for, what tattoo you are trying to design, and what category it fits. Sort everything from the stick and poke to grey washing, lining, shading, and tribal tattooing! Know the class that the drawing belongs to before you begin. Some uses of these tattoo inks are more appropriate than others. The first step to determining which ink category you should consider is understanding what purpose your ink will fulfill.


Another crucial factor is the type of ink offered. After looking at the market, you must determine the various categories of ink contributing. That will enable you to match them to the earlier-stated specifications. Additionally, inks could be vegan or not. Non-vegan inks typically contain heavy metals, which are harmful and dangerous to humans, while vegan inks are always from natural sources and substances like plant-based glycerin.

There are inks made especially for various uses. You wouldn’t anticipate using a spot of ink for a lining that is best suited for packing ink. Additionally, tribal tattoos may not link using ink intended for shading. So as you can see, it is still necessary for you to sort through every available ink within your price range.


Tattoos might be large and require a lot of ink or very little and require a small amount. They might also design to be temporary, lasting only a few hours or days, or permanent, remaining as a mark on a man for the rest of his life. Because they are fully aware of this, ink makers devote a lot of work and money to creating inks designed for these particular uses.

You should carefully consider the properties of any ink before selecting it to determine why it’s creating. You’ll be able to cut costs, maintain quality, and get better outcomes by doing this.


In conclusion, there are numerous black tattoo ink products available. Thanks to this review, you can browse over 10 of the most popular and effective ones. The benefits and drawbacks of black tattoo ink are emphasized so that you know the characteristics to expect and the potential challenges that might arise.

The majority of ink brands do, however, often offer a similar variety of functions at comparable pricing points. Selecting the best and perfect black ink becomes quite time-consuming and challenging. 

This issue can be resolved by first recognizing the function the ink you are about to select will play concerning the type of tattoo you wish to design. After determining the purpose, you should check to determine if the ink type you are about to select is compatible with the original meaning of the ink. The inks being screened should then confirm their quality and quantity and whether they are vegan. Vegans are more secure and frequently avoid allergies and skin problems.

What kind of quantity or quality would be most helpful to you? How long will this tattoo be visible? What volume of ink would it use? How secure is this ink, too? These are essential things to ask before choosing the best black tattoo ink.

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