The Complete Guideline for Centipede Tattoos!

Some people should not handle centipede Tattoos . We are aware of this and cherish the unique items as well as the unique creatures.

Yes, centipedes are nasty and peculiar insects. They are also fantastic creatures. And because we realize it’s difficult, we’d want to inform you more about getting a centipede tattoo. Let’s start by explaining centipedes in more detail. Second, we’d like to demonstrate the significance of centipedes in many cultures. Finally, here is a tonne of centipede tattoo ideas for you.

1. Centipede Hyper Realist Tattoo

Here, you can see what resembles a common centipede tattoo. Because of its size and placement, we describe it as standard (these kinds of tattoos are usually on arms and legs because of their shape).

However, if we look at the design, this tattoo is definitely unlike the norm! That is a fantastic piece of work by South Korean tattoo artist Kemo.

The work on this Instagram account is fantastic, so you should follow it.

  • Tattoo in black and grey.
  • It fabrecates in hyperrealism.
  • Arm ink.

Extra information on centipedes

We have a devotion-like passion for insects. There are more than 8,000 different species of centipede that live all across the world, from the warmest regions in Ecuador to the Arctic Circle. Yes, it is impressive all by itself.

We’d like to share with you a few more interesting facts about centipedes, including:

  • Centipedes are a species of hunting insects that once contained venom.
  • They consume the flesh, mainly from hunting but occasionally from dead bodies.
  • Enormous centipedes hunt other insects, while the smallest ones seek small birds or frogs.
  • Furthermore, even though we refer to them as centipedes (which have about 100 feet), they never have that many.
  • The tiniest ones have roughly 15 feet, while the largest ones have 375 pairs. However, they typically have more feet than that (like 136, for example).
Centipede Tattoos

2. Female head tattooed on a centipede

This fantastic piece of art is another lovely illustration, except darker and creepier this time.

Here is an example of a centipede tattoo featuring a woman’s head instead of the centipede’s. Additionally, tattoos of centipedes often feature this terrible fantasy.

The artwork was created by Belgian tattoo artist Catherine Daillet, who you must follow immediately!

  • Tattoo in black and grey.
  • Styled in hyperrealism.
  • spooky fantasy

More information about the significance of centipedes

We know that most people select a tattoo design based on its relevance, and here are some meanings associated with centipedes so you can determine whether it fits your personality.

Among the primary meanings of tattoos featuring centipedes are:

  • Native Americans: The Centipede symbolizes strength because it can move between the physical world and the underworld.
  • Asia: Centipedes have a potent symbolism in Asia, but they also evoke some anxiety. According to a proverb, “even a dragon fears centipedes.”
  • Philippines: At this time, it is a lucky omen, particularly for travelers. More civilizations believe in this good fortune.
  • In Heliopolis, people worship Sepa, a centipede-shaped deity, and call upon him to protect them from obnoxious creatures and other gods.
  • Maya: They also revere centipedes.
  • Egypt: There was a contrast between centipedes, which shows as night and earth animals, and snakes, regarded as heavenly creatures.
  • Other cultures: Centipedes, like scorpions, are sometimes associated with sexuality in various societies due to their venom.
Centipede Tattoos

3. Centipede with Happy/Sad Tattoo

Now for something different. We leave the unsettling object and move on to something happier. The goal of this tattoo, which is a more straightforward centipede pattern on the arm, is as follows:

Depending on how you look at it, the centipede may appear happy or unhappy. If you picture the animal moving ahead while crawling, it’s smiling. Rewinding, it’s depressing.

That is an excellent point. Michael Guirato, a tattoo artist from New York City, created this design.

  • Tattoo in black and grey.
  • Arm ink.
  • Nicely put!

Meaning of Centipedes in Spirituality

However, if you consider the animal itself, you can see a variety of connotations, such as:

  • Centipedes are not friendly creatures; they live alone. They enjoy being alone and typically seek shelter to maintain their tranquility.
  • Work hard: Since centipedes are nocturnal creatures important for making the soil fruitful, they put forth much effort.
  • Wisdom: Since they are nocturnal animals that conceal themselves like ninjas, they symbolize wisdom and spirituality in many different civilizations worldwide.
  • Several tattoos featuring centipedes
  • And now, to inspire you, here are several different centipede tattoos.
Centipede Tattoos

4. Tattoo of a centipede with female eyes

Having a pattern for every portion of the centipede’s body is another sub-trend, this time in centipede tattoo designs. Replicating human eyes (or faces), as you can see this time, is one of the most important ones.

This tattoo combines several different design motifs. However, we can conclude that the woman’s eyes are repeated in a Neo-Traditional design. And we adore the outcome.

About the artist: Trinity, an incredible artist from Pennsylvania in the US, created this tattoo. Please have a look at her fantastic tattoos, which are displayed in a variety of designs.

  • Tattoo in black and grey.
  • Leg ink.
  • female eyes
Centipede Tattoos

5. Tattoo of a centipede in cartoon form

That is another illustration of a centipede tattoo incorporating numerous faces or eyes. Although it is similar to the last one we showed you; this centipede tattoo has a cartoonish touch that makes you want to embrace it a little.

Kassunguilaa, a female tattoo apprentice from Mexico D.F., created this tattoo. Yes, she is an apprentice, but her mark, which consists of lovely faces with red dots, is excellent. Well done!

  • Tattoo in a cartoon style.
  • Female eyes
  • shoulder ink.
Centipede Tattoos

6. Tattoo of centipede legs

Let’s return to the more traditional centipede tattoos like this one. Yes, this tattoo is quite large; it covers the entire leg from top to bottom and is always quite daring.

We appreciate how it happens, and the red blossoms add a nice touch of color. Billy the Big, another tattoo apprentice from France, created this tattoo.

  • Tattoo of realism.
  • Leg ink.
  • Tattoo in color.
Centipede Tattoos

7. A centipede with a Hello Kitty tattoo

Yes, mixing a centipede tattoo with Hello Kitty is strange and adorable. We adore this confusion, mainly when it provides an excellent resolution to a bizarre situation.

Snowflake, an Australian tattoo artist from Melbourne, created this design. You should visit her Instagram account to view more of her dark designs and fantasies because she has many of them.

  • Wrist ink.
  • Cartoon body art.
  • Gray and black.
Centipede Tattoos

8. Two centipedes inked on the belly

This one was chosen not only for its design but also for its location. As you can see, getting some centipedes tattooed on your tummy can provide excellent results.

This time, a pair of symmetric centipedes with a straightforward design and many harmonies is sufficient to illustrate the point. And we rejoice over that! The Dutch Punisher, a tattoo artist from London who occasionally performs in Europe, created the ink.

  • Abdomen tattoo.
  • Black labor
  • Symmetry.
Centipede Tattoos

9. Ink featuring a cartoon centipede

What if we combine an inked cartoon character with a lifelike centipede? Isn’t the composition itself quite captivating?

We adore how the cartoon’s color and the centipede tattoo’s blackwork combine with fun and a lot of symbolism. The Korean company Ape Ink Studio created the tattoo, which also has many amazing tattoos on its Instagram page.

Simply go for it!

  • Cartoon body art.
  • Gray and black.
  • Tattoo of realism.
Centipede Tattoos

10. Tattoo of a centipede in love with the color

Isn’t it the most adorable centipede you’ve ever seen? Okay, I get the point. Another thing is this centipede design, which is something unusual and one-of-a-kind. It has a lot of color and hearts, an incredible design, and beautiful work from the tattoo artist.

So, the outcome is something special in which you may take pride. The tattoo was created by Butterflies Blood, a glitter expert who works at Beloved Tattoo in Denver, Colorado, in the United States.

  • Sparkle tattoo.
  • Tattoo in color.
  • original thought
Centipede Tattoos

11. Entire arm tattoo of a centipede

This kind of tattoo comes to mind when we consider it daring. As you can see, a conventional centipede tattoo has a beautiful finish, and since the pattern covers the entire arm, you can display it to the public.

Dr. Strange from Portland, Oregon, who loves to tattoo insects, created this fantastic work. She might be your tattoo artist.

  • Tattoo of realism.
  • massive size
  • Gray and black.
Centipede Tattoos

12. Tattoo of a Japanese centipede

What do you think of this Japanese-style centipede tattoo? Yes, it is a unique, colorful, and lovely item, isn’t it? We know that only some enjoy non-Japanese tattoos, but the point is to get a tattoo that you are at ease with.

This work was completed by Empire Tattoo’s Matthew Clarke, who has a unique flair evident in this piece.

  • Japanese neo-tattoo.
  • Vibrant tattoo.
  • Arm ink.
Centipede Tattoos

FAQs regarding tattoos of centiped

What does a tattoo of a centipede mean?

Tattoos of centipedes can symbolize anything from hard work to solitude to wisdom, but most often, centipedes are associated with knowledge, night, and perhaps the underworld.

What does a tattoo of a centipede in Filipino mean?

A centipede has a significant connotation in the Philippines; the word for it is “alpha,” and it symbolizes luck for visitors.

What does a tattoo of a worm mean?

If you’re seeking the centipede meaning, add hard labor and loneliness. If we talk about a common worm, its purpose is tied to magic, mystery, power, and good luck.

What does a tattoo of a centipede mean in Kalinga?

For men and women, the meaning is different—courage for men and  Different meanings for women, like Maturity, attractiveness, and fertility in women.
This guide will help you decide which centipede tattoo you want. Just let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment!

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