5 Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke 

Without a doubt, the machines have become increasingly important to tattoo artists. Some people still enjoy honing their artistic abilities with the antiquated stick and poke equipment. Finding the best tattoo ink for sticks and pokes still presents a challenge. As there is a chance of developing a severe allergic response or even worse from using the incorrect kind of ink, you can’t just go out and use the first item you see with them.

So, should you give up on your investigation into it? In no way. I’ve got and discovered the best stick and poke ink to assist you in achieving your dream of being a stick and poke tattoo artist. Where will you find such ink, I ask? They are plentiful on the market, after all. How can you choose the best? Easy. I’ll list some of the Top tattoo inks for stick-and-poke here. 

Try 5 Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke in 2023

Dive in to see everything the market has to offer you at its best. They all meet the essential requirements while maintaining their individuality. You should be aware of their drawbacks before making a purchase.

1. Bloodline Stick and Poke Ink: Best for Flexibility

The Bloodline stick and poke tattoo ink quickly established itself as one of the best in the industry. You will receive a premium all-purpose ink with this 1 oz bottle that leaves marks you will be happy to display. The vivid and dark colours that will appear to be quite cool to look at with those sticks and poke tattoo designs are provided by the thick black ink that penetrates deeply into the ink.

However, it isn’t ready to use for those outlining projects right out of the bottle. To do that, you must dilute the ink with distilled water by a factor of 3:1. Alternatively, you can use witch hazel or Listerine in its place, depending on your comfort level. and known as tattoo inks for stick-and-poke. 

When shading, it is simpler to produce superior work by thinning the ink. Additionally, you can rely on its quality because it is a made in the USA product. The item won’t deteriorate with time like most inks do. Instead, after your stick and poking tattoo has healed, this one will become 3–4 shades darker over time.

It is the one to choose if you don’t want to make a mess while working with tattoo ink in your shop. Unlike others, it is smooth and doesn’t splatter. The most crucial aspect of all is that it adheres properly to the skin to create the magnificent body art.

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke


  • twelve hues
  • For professionals only
  • Absence of animal byproducts
  • no sensitivity to allergies


  • Little variety
  • High cost

2. Millennium Mom’s Stick and Poke Ink: Most vibrant colours

The Mom’s One is another type of black ink that tattoo artists use for stick and poke inking. Even before discussing the ink’s quality, it is the bottle that the item comes in that will attract your attention. It comes in gorgeous packaging. Even more astounding is the fact that it is also built in the USA, just like the older one.

However, it won’t let you down either if you start looking past those things and examine the ink. To produce those eye-catching body art designs, the homogeneous mixture flows smoothly into the skin pigments as it enters the container. The increased pure pigment content of it, as opposed to other inexpensive inks, guarantees that the tattoos you acquire with them will be more colourful. The assurance from Mom’s Ink is that they will stand out.

And the colour won’t be inconsistent throughout the skin like those. It will offer the same colour depth throughout the entire skin surface. You can depend on consistently getting the same results while using it for tattooing. The fact that the work done by those who won’t disappear is even more astounding. The mother’s ink’s deep hues will linger on the skin for a very long time.

After the wound heals, the ink will stay as bold as the day you got it, if not become even darker. There is no need to be concerned about it running out when utilising it. Unlike some of the other ones you may find, it is not at all watery. Thus, it is also simple to apply. It is hardly surprising that tattoo artists adore it so much and artists recommended Best tattoo inks for stick-and-poke.

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke


  • a blending of homogenised pigment hues with extreme brightness
  • reliable and constant
  • Years without any fading
  • ingredients that are secure and vegan-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • bottles of sealed ink


  • There could be loose seals on some of the bottles. In that situation, you can approach the manufacturer for replacements if any ink has leaked.

3. Kuro Sumi Stick and Poke Ink: Consistent results

Anyone having tattoos on their body prefers black. However, for other types of artwork, you’ll need access to more hues. I’ll give you the Kuro Sumi colours with that in mind. It stands out from the competition because it includes more than one bottle of ordinary black ink. No, you’ll find a collection of seven colours right here that every tattoo artist would need for their inking.

The fact that these hues are cruelty-free is a plus. Therefore, Kuro only uses organic components in the creation of everything it offers. They are made in the United States, yes. This implies that by utilising it, you will restore America’s greatness.  Best tattoo inks for stick-and-poke and vibrant for your tattoos. 

They are also a lot of fun to use. With the darker hues, you can see how beautifully they complement skin. And on the body, the colours really stand out. The Kuro Sumi kit is suitable for both types of application, whether you like to employ the traditional method of inking with a stick or just stick to modern machinery.

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke


  • Positives Genuine Japanese hues
  • organic components free of any toxic substances
  • No allergic response Remarkably consistent outcomes that are distinguishable
  • great value for the money


  • Once opened, the bottles could spill.

4. Dynamic Black Stick and Poke Tattoo Ink: Stunning Colours

If you’re looking for a lot of different colour options, Dynamic has you covered. The brand has every hue you could possibly need to bring those artworks on people’s bodies to life, offering over 30 different colour options. The best thing is that, in contrast to certain other inks, these are appropriate for a variety of inking tasks. 

As an alternative, you can use them for lining and shading tasks, which is ideal for any artist as it gives them more creative flexibility and eliminates the need to switch between colours in the middle of the project. These pre-dispersed inks can be used immediately because they are pre-dispersed. There is no need to mix these again due to their thinner consistency.

They will, however, provide you with bold and skin-colouring options. The colours will stand out regardless of the skin’s pigmentation. And there is no doubt that they will endure for a considerable time. Not to mention that they absorb quickly, causing the healing process to go more quickly than with other inks. There aren’t many better than this.

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke


  • Pre-dispersed and able to be blended with other pigments
  • elements derived from plants
  • Lines, tints, and grey washes are all appropriate
  • optimal healing outcomes


  • Bottle packaging that needs improvement

5. Intenze Professional Stick and Poke Tattoo Ink: Long-lasting

You may get the deepest shade of black tattoo ink from Intenze. Additionally, it has all the qualities you would want in a pigment, from the way the manufacturer creates it to how it appears on your skin. Click here to read more. Depending on your needs, you can purchase the ink bottle in either one-ounce or twelve-ounce sizes. The bottle is tamper-proof to protect the ink from outside influences. Additionally, Intenze created the pigment in a way that prevents it from drying out over time.

The Zuper Black pigment has a cool colour tone. You can apply it to the hands, chest, legs, and arms after mixing it with colour-mixing liquids. The hue will get considerably deeper after The primary concern of Intenze is safety. To provide you with a product that both complies with and exceeds health regulations, it sterilises the colours of its ink in accredited labs. 

The producer doesn’t utilise any dangerous substances that are typically found in other hues. As a result, there is no risk of negative effects while using the Ink on any type of skin. According to the ink container, the colour is even blacker than black. Such boasting is feasible if the pigment is created by the industry’s top talent. 

The pigment for the Zuper Black hue was created by renowned tattoo artist Mario Barth. Additionally, several other well-known tattoo artists employed and liked this ink, including Randy Engelhard, Moni Marino, Mike Demasi, Steve Butcher, and London Reese. Therefore, when you receive this ink, you can be assured that it possesses artistic perfection and will boost your skill more quickly than you could think.

Best Tattoo Ink For Stick and Poke


  • really dark colour
  • with colour mix solutions mixable
  • Developed by a renowned tattoo artist, 
  • suitable for all skin types, 
  •  without any dangerous components
  • no negative effects


  • Need for better packaging

Get To Know Best Stick And Poke Tattoo Ink Buying Guide

Inks are not all created in the same way. And the majority of them don’t achieve the same goal. Despite being designed for inking, they are not appropriate for all inking methods. This is especially true for the stick and poke method.

Consequently, if you’re looking for the best ink for stick and poke tattoos, this can be a much bigger process than you might think. I developed this buying guide as a result. You won’t have any trouble choosing the ideal one if you just make a note of the criteria and keep them in mind when you search for the inks.

Spectral Quality:

The quality of the colours you’re obtaining should be taken into account first. It is a crucial aspect that you must not ignore. That’s because the tattoo’s final appearance will depend on the ink’s quality once you’ve finished inking. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the ink tag. One can tell by looking at it whether the ink they’re getting is based on stable pigments or pre-dispersed ones.

The first one, the pigment-based ink, had larger particles, which made the two different. As a result, the solution is thicker. It follows that you must combine them with other blends and tones in order to use them. A tattoo on the skin must have variances in pigmentation, tone, shade, and other factors to stand out, and these variations must be provided by the particles in the container in their true form.

The pre-dispersed ones are on the other end of the range. With those, you’ll obtain a thinner solution that’s simpler to use with other people’s carriers. And they typically arrive in the bottle already prepared for usage. They aren’t the ideal choice, though, for blending or dilution of colours.


There is always the possibility that the person getting inked will experience some sort of allergic reaction to some of the inks manufactured with chemicals and other materials. For the artist, that could be very problematic. You should put choosing inks made of natural components at the top of your priority list if you want to prevent anything like this from happening.

 By employing them, you may avoid lawsuits that can cause a customer to get an allergic response. I would thus advise choosing non-allergic, natural ink options with that in mind.

Vegan Acceptable:

Then there is the additional factor that you ought to think about, which is purchasing a vegan-friendly tattoo. The tattoo artist and the client won’t be bothered by the softer scent of those inks, which will have an earthy aroma.

However, you shouldn’t just go out and buy anything that is marked as being vegan-friendly. Verify the aroma, and it’s also a good idea to go check whether it was tested on animals or not. If you’re a vegan activist, make sure you can do that to maintain your mental clarity.

Skin Colour:

Not every ink will adhere to every type of skin. There are instances when some inks will come out brilliant and vibrant, as if they are yelling out loud to be seen because of the different amounts of melanin in a person’s skin.

Others won’t even be recognized because their skin type prevents the ink from standing out. To avoid disappointing the customer with unappealing artwork on their body, be sure the stick n’ poke tattoo ink will work on the majority of skin types before purchasing it.

Longer lasting

It’s not a good sign if the ink you’re getting dries out quickly. One of the most painful things is getting tattooed. They’ll say that a lot. Therefore, no one who intends to get their favourite design tattooed on their body would want to undergo repeated needle sticks to acquire that thing on their body.

They will want to own pieces of art that will last forever, or at least for at least 5–10 years. In light of this, tattoo artists—particularly those who use stick and poke tattooing—should purchase inks that won’t fade. And that will continue to seem vivid and brilliant on the skin for a very long time.

The most common cause of ink fading is exposure to sunshine. Because of this, you should choose those that have the UV-resistant function, which will help them address the problem.And that will continue to seem vivid and brilliant on the skin for a very long time.The most common cause of ink fading is exposure to sunshine. Because of this, you should choose those that have the UV-resistant function, which will help them address the problem.


The process of mending is an additional factor that many people overlook. It may not appear to be related to the ink, but it is.You will be using hand-poked tattoo ink that has some sort of healing-promoting qualities.

Because of this, some links don’t seem to take much time to dry on the skin after application. While it takes a long time for the swelling to go away in some cases, So, with that in mind, be sure to get ink that helps to speed up the process when you’re out shopping.

Can you play stick and poke with Sharpie ink?

despite the fact that many markers are touted as being free of harmful substances. There is a chance that the ink will enter the bloodstream, which might be extremely dangerous. Not to add, if you inhale the sharpie fumes accidentally while using it, it might be dangerous.

Can you stick and poke with bic pen ink?

You can use BIC pen ink, but you shouldn’t, to be honest.

Can a Tattoo ink for stick and poke kill you?

There is a chance of allowing certain unwanted microorganisms to enter the bloodstream or the inner layers of the skin, which can be harmful to health. There is no such risk unless you use the incorrect ink or fail to properly disinfect the stick-and-poke needles. Ink poisoning, however, may result in unfavourable consequences if the situation is different.

If you use eyeliner, can you stick and poke?

Technically speaking, it is possible, but it is advised against doing so because it could cause a major infection or even worse.

Is it against the law to poke and stick yourself?

For the time being, there is no law prohibiting self-tattooing. So no, it’s not against the law to tattoo yourself with sticks and needles.

Can you make a stick and poke it with non-toxic ink?

“No,” is the response. It could be harmful to your health if you introduce it too deeply into the tissue and it enters your bloodstream. Otherwise you have to choose one of  Best tattoo inks for stick-and-poke above the list and analyse their pros and cons.

Can I dye my stick and poke with food?

Nobody is preventing you from doing it. But instead of them, adhere to using Indian ink or genuine tattoo ink.

Can you stick and poke with mascara?

Mascara is a hefty product. It is therefore advised against using it for inking.

Bottom Line

That’s all there is to it. The best tattoo ink for sticks and pokes can be found by reading reviews of the ink. No matter what you’re looking for, there are a lot of options available for you to choose from. So, take your time, read them over again, and be very clear about what you want to accomplish. Once you have clarity, choose the best option from this list.

Don’t forget to mention your choice and the reasoning behind it in the comment sections when you do that. To help those who are similar to you, share your ideas with others.

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